About me

I used to be an academic, a lawyer. But even though my career was going well, I was increasingly unhappy. So I quit and entered an intense process of recovery, therapy and soul-searching. I realised that I had a strong desire to include more spirituality in my life. Once I did, I quickly discovered that it was more than just a desire; that I had certain abilities and that this was my path: to use my abilities and the spiritual insights I had gained to help others. As part of my own spiritual growth and personal development I have followed and am still following a number of courses, among others Aura Healing and Traumahealing for Babies and Toddlers.

I am immensely grateful to have found my purpose in life and to be allowed to support others in their healing and spiritual growth. So please feel invited to come knock on my door. You are most welcome.


So many people feel unheard, unseen, alone in their daily struggles. But we are not alone! There is so much love, guidance and support available to all of us. From the Universe (or God, the Source, the Light, the Great Organiser... whatever concept works for you). From angels, guides, our ancestors... That love and support is available to you, too.

Every person has enormous self-healing capacity, but sometimes we need a little help accessing it. When you come to me for a session I will channel and interpret the healing energies and messages the Universe has to offer you. I respect the path your soul has travelled so far and will meet you with understanding, love, and compassion, and without judgment.

The session will be based on the questions you ask me and on what I intuitively feel that I am allowed to offer you in that moment. A session will therefore in any event consist of a conversation in which we clarify your main concern and see what guidance the universe offers you (e.g. through a card reading). In addition, you can opt for an energy healing to be part of the session. During the healing you will be seated in a comfortable chair, while I work with your energy field from a slight distance, using both earth energy and cosmic energy.

(It goes without saying that if you have come to me through the English version of my site, we will of course conduct the session in English!)


Archangel Gabriel, © Judy Wiese.


The 7 chakras.

Life themes / Soul themes
I have experience with
  • Learning to love yourself unconditionally

  • Feeling the courage and permission to be yourself

  • Sensing and setting boundaries 

  • Loss, grief, mourning

  • Loneliness

  • Life and Death

  • Burn-out and depression

  • Pre- and perinatal trauma (for both parents and baby)

  • Parenthood (fathers just as welcome as mothers!)

  • Divorce

Cost and Contact

An appointment lasts approximately one hour. The first introductory session costs €27,- incl. VAT. Thereafter, an appointment costs €54,- incl. VAT.

To make an appointment, please email me at


or send me a text at


I read and respond to messages twice a day.

In case you run late for an appointment, please call or leave a message on my voicemail.

If you need to cancel, please do so at the latest 24 hours before the start of the appointment.